New Technology to Prevent Marine Growth in Raw Water Lines


Finally, a revolutionary System that continuously prevents barnacles, biofilm, and marine scale growth from clogging your vessel’s seawater conduits. CLEARLINE keeps raw water supply lines for air conditioners, cooling systems, and wash down pumps operating at maximum flow rates and peak performance.

  • Prevents Clogged Seawater Intake Lines

  • Eliminates Acid Cleaning and Descaling

  • Keeps A/C, Chillers and Raw Water Systems Operating at Peak Performance


CLEARLINE System Videos

CLEARLINE System Technology

CLEARLINE System with Capt. Jaco Torres, MY Finally, 82' Viking Yachts


Lion’s Den, 95' Hargrave Yachts

Goin Galt, 90' Weaver Yachts

Golden Eye, 90' Ocean Alexander Yachts

Finally, 82' Viking Yachts

Fifty Shades, 80' Viking Yachts

Full Time, 77' Paul Mann Yachts

Judith Ann, 72' Viking Yachts

Sea Wolf, 66' Viking Yachts

Perseverance, 55' Viking Yachts

Tar Rheels, 52' Viking Yachts