Protection Against Marine Barnacle Growth in Pipework


without Clearline

Minutes – Organic matter absorbed onto surface

Hours – Complex multispecies microbial biofilm forms

Days – Secondary colonizers arrive and multiply

Weeks – Macroscopic community of algae and invertebrates grow


with clearline

The advanced ClearLine Electrochlorination System continuously disinfects 24 / 7/ 365

Saltwater (NaCI + H20) + Electricity = Chlorine (NaOCI) + H2

Marine growth scaling in raw water intake lines is a potential threat to the performance of your vessel. Blockages caused by barnacles and mussels can result in air conditioner overheating and failure at the worst possible time. 

To counteract this problem, the engineers at ElectroSea harnessed the proven power of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite). It is a well-tested, safe technology with a long history of worldwide industrial application as a disinfectant in drinking water, cooling towers, and desalination plants. 

Chlorine is a proven anti-fouling treatment against a range of marine organisms. Continuous, low-level chlorination controls the growth of hard shell marine organisms such as barnacles. At such low levels, chlorine is not harmful to the environment. Chlorine has a very short half-life in marine water and decomposes back into common salt (sodium chloride) and water.