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Refer three friends using the form above. You must provide a referral email and/or cell phone. Your referral will receive a unique link for your CLEARLINE referral. They will directed to schedule a quote to install CLEARLINE. When at least ONE of you referral purchases CLEARLINE, you will receive a confirmation message using the contact information you provide on the referral form. The confirmation message will provide a website link to a form, to complete the extended warranty authorization.

NOTE: You will need to provide the serial # located on your CLEARLINE Control Unit.

To receive an extended warranty, just ONE of your referrals needs to purchase CLEARLINE® within 120 days of your referral.

Yes – You may refer as many people as you’d like. Remember that you must refer at least three people. Go to www.clearlinereferral.com to refer more friends.

Your referral may obtain a One-Year Extended Warranty if they refer their friends, and just one new individual purchases CLEARLINE®.