Keep your A/C Cool and Never Descale Again!

Protect your boat from marine growth long-term

High-pressure alarms from your boat’s air-conditioning system always seem to ring out at the worst possible time: When you have a boat full of guests and you’re enjoying a long summer cruise in 90-degree weather. The A/C stops working, the cabin heats up like a sweathouse, guests are miserable, and drinks are warm.

Water flowing everywhere, except through the seawater system

Seawater is full of microorganisms looking for a place to call home. If you don’t keep your seawater pipes clean, barnacles, algae and bioslimes will quickly build up and constrict seawater flow. This will cause systems, such as air conditioners, chillers and refrigerators that depend on this seawater for cooling, to go into a high-pressure state and eventually shutdown. You can’t predict when you’ll experience HPF alarms and system shutdown, but chances are you won’t be at the dock.

There are two basic ways to combat unwanted marine growth in the boat’s seawater conduits: repetitive and reactive methods of flushing with harsh acids can be a temporary fix. Innovative methods such as installing ElectroSea’s CLEARLINE® Marine Growth Prevention System prevents marine growth in raw water lines altogether and also keeps sea strainers clean longer. We’ll break down each method.

Descaling: A temporary and harmful alternative

It’s likely you have an A/C tech on speed dial to descale with acid once every few months. While acid may seem to clear your lines, it’s a temporary fix that isn’t guaranteed to eliminate the growth entirely. It won’t solve the problem. In fact, it can actually lead to more problems down the road. Routine descaling with harsh chemicals can decrease the life expectancy of your air-conditioning system and progressively eat away at joints in the plumbing. Made up of phosphoric and muriatic acids, descaling is a foul process and harmful to service technicians, crew and the environment.

CLEARLINE®: The solution to marine growth

CLEARLINE® is a patented system that prevents marine growth by creating an environment where barnacles and algae simply can’t live. CLEARLINE® is installed directly into a boat’s seawater cooling circuit. As seawater enters the CLEARLINE® System it generates a safe and effective level of chlorine by an electrochemical reaction, so you never have to descale again and your strainers will stay clean longer.  

“We pride ourselves on offering innovative, practical products that increase owner satisfaction – and CLEARLINE® is certainly one of them. It does a tremendous job of helping to keep important systems running at their best while also lowering maintenance. We’ve seen these benefits first-hand on our demo boats,” says Pat Healey, Viking Yachts President and CEO.

CLEARLINE® dynamically measures the vessels seawater flow in real-time and generates a precise level of chlorine naturally from the seawater. Which means there are no chemical additives or supplies to worry about. CLEARLINE® treated seawater flows downstream, prohibiting marine growth from taking residence in your raw water supply lines. A secondary flow of CLEARLINE® treated seawater is also directed through your boat’s strainers to keep them clean longer.

“By keeping the waterflow clean and eliminating the growth that can cause this restriction, the [A/C System] has a longer lifespan. It’s not working as hard to produce the cold air in the vessel,” says James Nobel, VP and Marketing Director, Princess Yachts America. “Every Princess Yachts American stock boat is equipped with CLEARLINE®.”

CLEARLINE® is easily installed during new build or refit

CLEARLINE® models range from 7 GPM (26.5 LPM) to 75 GPM (284 LPM) and can accommodate increased flow rates by installing Systems in parallel. The CLEARLINE System has been installed on over 65+ leading boat brands around the world and is available through ElectroSea’s global dealer network. Typical installation is completed within 1-2 days so you can quickly get back to enjoying your boat.

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