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Over 65 major boat brands are Electrosea protected. Our team is committed to providing innovative products to the world’s leading boat builders to ensure the best boating experience.

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“This is an incredible product. It worked for me, and it will work for you.”

“The adoption of ElectroStrainer as a dealer standard option really started with my journey as I started thinking about the biggest purchase of my life, my current boat. I wanted to do everything that I could to ensure that I would have a good experience, and I thought to myself, why wouldn’t I do the same for our customers?”


Chuck Cashman, CRO

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“It’s an awesome system; it's a game changer . . .”

“We pride ourselves on offering innovative, practical products that increase owner satisfaction – and [ElectroSea] is certainly one of them. It does a tremendous job of helping to keep important systems running at their best while also lowering maintenance. We’ve seen these benefits first-hand on our demo boats.”

Viking Yachts

Pat Healey, President and CEO

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Azimut logo

“We totally embrace [ElectroSea] as a factory-installed option . . .”

“There is no system on the boat that works as hard and as much as the air-conditioning system, so that’s where [ElectroSea] came extremely handy. We embraced it right away, because it takes away a lot of the hassle of maintaining a system which is very crucial.”

Azimut-Benetti America

Federico Ferrante, President

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“Every stock boat is equipped with [ElectroSea] . . .”

“What [ElectroSea] does for us, is it constantly prevents that growth from attaching to the strainer – which keeps water flow at maximum volume. Every stock boat is equipped with [ElectroSea].”

Princess Yachts America

James Noble, Vice President and Marketing Director

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Capt. Chris Jazmin • 61′ Billy Holton • “Dreamer”
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Capt. Eddie Nobel • 75″ Princess Yatchs • “Now or Never”
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Capt. Daniel Kesten • 80′ Viking Yatchs • “Whiskey Papa”
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Capt. Ross Salvensen • 85′ Pincess Yatchs • “Splash”
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Marine Services One • 75′ Riva
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Owner Bob Kelly • 70′ Ocean Alexander

“Prior to installing the ElectroSea ClearLine system “Gail’s Storm IV” experienced a 100% clog of the raw water drain line for 4 HVAC units twice in less than 12 months, the first was from mussel growth and the second was from Oyster growth. Since the install of the ClearLine System Gail’s Storm IV has had no flow issues and the seawater strainer on the system is remarkably much cleaner. Very much looking forward to not having to do any more time consuming and expensive descaling. Thank you.”

Captain – 48′ Meridian Yachts
Bob Urso

“We first installed ClearLine in our 68′ Viking in 2019. From the time it was installed to the day we traded it late 2021 in we did not have one code and cleaned our strainers once a month—soft growth only. From this experience it was a no brainer to have the system on our new (2022) 72C Viking . ElectroSea and the ClearLine System are truly revolutionary game changers in the industry that enhance the ownership, operation and enjoyment of the boats.”

Captain- 72′ Viking Yachts
John Galvin, “El Diablo”

“ClearLine pays for itself the first year in Florida, where growth often returns within 60 days after cleaning. You get barnacles, algae, you name it. ClearLine ensures that growth never gets in there; it gets rid of a headache for our customers that they don’t really need.”

Princess Yachts America
Tom Carroll, President and CEO

“The ClearLine System is a must have on today’s modern sportfish boats. The [ClearLine] System by the nature of its design will add to the life expectancy of all components in a sea water system while greatly reducing the yearly maintenance expense. The quality and design of the [ClearLine] System is second to none and the customer service is equally as outstanding.”

Viking Yacht Service Center
Mike Samuels, Vice President

“I am so pleased I bought [The ClearLine System]. Being in a shallow part of the intracoastal, I had to clean the strainer every week. Since ClearLine was installed a month ago, my strainer looks like it did when it was installed.”

Yacht Owner
S6 Azimut

“This system is very impressive. After fighting marine growth in our 62 Viking we decided on the ClearLine System almost 3 years ago. Since then very little maintenance in our raw water system is required.”

Captain- 62′ Viking Yachts
Sean Rominger, “Her Tingum”

“I have 6 air conditioners on my Maritimo M50 and what seems like miles of tubing. Descaling was required much too often, to say nothing of the ongoing costs. Had ClearLine installed several months ago and have not experience any growth issues since. Thank you ElectroSea!”

Owner – 50′ Maritimo
Drew Alloway

“Although I was skeptical at first, I have been thoroughly impressed with the performance of the Electrosea [ClearLine] system. Our systems are now constantly running at maximum efficiency and require far less maintenance.”

Captain – 90′ Jarrett Bay
James Brown, “Jaruco”

“Like clockwork, I would clean my A/C strainer every Tuesday for years until we installed the ElectroSea ClearLine system. Based in Jupiter, FL the water around our dock can get really warm, especially in summer, and the barnacles, sludge and sea critters would thrive in our A/C system. After installing the [ClearLine] System, I only check on my A/C Strainer about every five weeks. When I do check it, I hardly clean anything, no barnacles or gunk. I’ve had the system installed for six months now, and can honestly say this will change how the industry thinks about descaling saltwater systems. I haven’t had to call for air-conditioning service since we installed it [ClearLine]. In my opinion, this is one of the best improvements to boating in recent years.”

Captain – 60′ Viking Yachts
Harry Schaffer, “Sea Wolf”

“I found your product online, researched it and approached Marlow to install it on my 66′ that was being built. I am happy to say that I have the first Marlow with a ClearLine installed and the installation is very clean and simple and though the boat has only been in the water now for about 2 and a half months, water flow is undiminished therefore no sign of any buildup or need for descaling. In the environment the boat is currently in, I suspect ClearLine will pay for itself in just a couple of years. Preventing barnacle growth in the A/C system wasn’t possible until now, but now that it is, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t install a ClearLine since the payback is real and the hassles and caustic acid treatments are eliminated. I should also mention they are also quick to respond to any questions.”

Owner – 66′ Marlow Yachts
Joe Kirby

“For a more preventative approach, the crew of the 66-foot Spencer Conspiracy recently installed the ElectroSea [ClearLine] System. This system produces, then introduces, a low level of chlorine in the system, keeping the lines free and clear of marine growth. Mate Tyler Prinsinski and Capt. Rob Lawson report they have not had any problems with their raw-water systems since the [ClearLine] install, and that the ClearLine System has worked flawlessly for them.”

Captain- 66′ Spencer
Rich Barrett

“For years I have battled clogged manifolds, poor water flow, and A/C issues. After installing the ClearLine system from ElectroSea those issues are no longer a problem. I installed the system last November and my manifolds are clean, free from barnacles, water flow is better than ever, and my A/C units are running more efficiently and have not once gone off on high pressure. I highly recommend the ClearLine system from ElectroSea. Not only will it save you time and money, your water systems will perform at an optimal level and last longer.”

Captain – 62′ Viking Yachts
Dan Devine, “Sea Flame”

“The ElectroSea [ClearLine] has been incredible since we installed it. Approaching three months with the ClearLine System and absolutely zero growth. Every boat should have one!”

Captain- 68′ Viking Yachts
John Galvin, “El Diablo”

“Sea water cools many onboard systems, but critters and gunk can eventually clog the plumbing. Here’s how to keep your pipes clear.”

Power & Motor Yacht Magazine
Mike Smith


“The name of the product stays it all. ClearLine keeps raw-water lines for A/C, chillers, refrigeration and hydraulics free of debris to maintain peak performance levels with maximum flow rates.”

Valhalla Magazine
Viking Yachts

“We were having to clean our strainer every other week and descale the [boat’s] system every month and a half in some locations. Since installing ClearLine in early January, our strainer is still clean, and we can easily monitor the water flow now.“

Captain- 74′ Viking Yachts
Kevin Deerman, “Draggin’ Up”

“The two new ClearLine models now provide smaller boats with a proven, cost-effective system that prevents marine growth in their raw-water lines.”

Big Game Fishing Journal
Jeff Merrill

“We normally descale the system before every trip. The process of descaling is a nightmare…Since we’ve had the ClearLine installed we haven’t seen any growth”

Captain- 82′ Viking Yachts
Jaco Torres, “Finally”

“After speaking with three professional captains on separate occasions,”…”once it’s up and running they have had nearly zero growth after several months. Another benefit is that the system can be retrofitted to older vessels, as well as installed on new builds. So, if ElectroSea [ClearLine] is easy to use, prevents growth from forming in the raw-water systems, and is also environmentally friendly, it seems that it could be a good way to be proactive instead of reactive in the never-ending battle to keep these systems clean and operating at maximum efficiency.”

Marlin Magazine
Capt. Eric Brush