ElectroSea Innovtion

ElectroSea leads the movement to maintenance-free boating. Our team is committed to innovation. ElectroSea takes pride in revolutionizing marine seawater systems and spearheading the future of boating.

Rapid Product Innovation

Every year, ElectroSea launches new innovations, developed by our team of engineers based on the needs of our customers. From initial idea to final product, it’s all done in-house. ElectroSea has built its reputation as a world-leading innovator in the manufacture of marine growth prevention products for leisure craft. We live to make boating easy and carefree through innovative design and engineering.

A Better Way. . .

All products start with finding “a better way”. We work backwards from the customer’s perspective to develop an innovative solution. We use the PR/FAQ process described by Bill Carr in Working Backwards. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with innovation through advanced design and engineering. With our experienced team of engineers and field technicians, we strive to develop the best seawater management systems to make your boating experience a pleasure.

PR/FAQ Process

The PR/FAQ process includes a document that contains the essential customer product requirements. We validate PR/FAQ assumptions with internal and external customers. PR/FAQ incorporates key factors such as user interface, ease of installation, price/value, robustness and reliability in a marine environment and safety. Applying the latest 3-D CAD (computer-aided design) programs, concept drawings are worked up by our engineers into detailed technical illustrations and/or prototype demonstration models.

Test on our OWN boats first

We test prototypes on our own boats first. We us a rapid iteration process and engineer customer feedback into our “fast flywheel” development process. Customer inputs enter the flywheel, and new and improved products and services are the result. We begin every meeting with our customer’s view, and relentlessly turn the flywheel until we have a prototype that can be turned into a finished product that we LOVE!

In-House Manufacturing

Our in-house engineers work with our in-house manufacturing team to run first articles and then eventually scale-up production. We have a collaborative process with manufacturing and engineering to ensure reliability, manufacturability and quality metrics are achieved. We perform short and long term production planning and work with raw material suppliers to ensure a steady stream of raw parts that we manufacture into finished good. Since our inception in 2017, we have fulfilled sales orders either same day or next day, and pride ourselves on timely delivery.

Installation and Operator documentation

All ElectroSea products include detailed installation and operation manuals. We are dedicated to ensuring that boat owners get the best use out of their ElectroSea products. Our technical documentation and field team are involved from the beginning and throughout the entire process, making sure that every consideration, from installation and ease of use to maintenance, is covered. All manuals are on-line for fast and easy access by boat manufacturers, dealers and boat owners.