Prevent marine growth in your air conditioning sea strainer and seawater lines

All-in-one biofouling prevention and sea-strainer system

ElectroStrainer is the first all-in-one smart biofouling-prevention system with integrated sea strainer for boats. ElectroStrainer replaces your existing sea strainer and prevents marine growth through all seawater lines by generating chlorine directly inside its strainer basket. The award-winning ElectroStrainer combines three components: an innovative biofouling prevention device, a hydrodynamic sea strainer, and an advanced smart flow monitoring system.

  • Never descale again. Descaling your seawater lines and air conditioner with strong acids is a temporary and expensive fix to the never-ending problem of unwanted marine growth.

  • Stop overworking your air conditioners. Biofouling causes air conditioners to overwork, shortening their lifespan. Remove biofouling from the equation, and get the most from your boat’s AC.

  • Stop cleaning your strainer basket. ElectroStrainer keeps your sea strainer basket clean longer. Spend less time in the engine room battling marine growth in your strainer basket. 

dirty sea strainer basket and seawater pipes not treated with ElectroStrainer
clean sea strainer basket and seawater pipes treated with ElectroStrainer
ElectroStrainer ES-200 expanded by ElectroSea

More flow – no grow

 BIOFOULING PREVENTION DEVICE  The smart biofouling prevention device is nested directly in ElectroStrainer’s basket and uses advanced electrochlorination technology to generate a low level of chlorine as seawater enters the boat. This process creates an environment where barnacles simply can’t live.

 HYDRODYNAMIC STRAINER  ElectroStrainer’s integrated strainer basket is hydrodynamically optimized to diffuse chlorinated seawater throughout the entire basket and has a large surface area to effectively strain debris from passing seawater with minimal pressure drop. 

 2205 ALLOY CANISTER  ElectroStrainer’s super duplex 2205 stainless alloy canister is one of the strongest, most corrosion-resistant materials in the marine industry. ElectroStrainer has a fully cast one-piece strainer body, eliminating any weaknesses inherent at welded joints, and undergoes a special finishing process to provide a unique chromium-rich shine. Wing nuts offer easy access to the strainer basket with no tools required. The cast-in mounting feet, bonding terminal, and drain port are integrated into the elegant design. Not only are the materials superior to those of any other strainer in the world, our robust design and function provides unrivalled performance.

Smart sea-strainer system

Instead of peering through a dirty site glass or opening the strainer and making a mess in your engine room, simply look at ElectroStrainer’s digital display. ElectroStrainer alerts you if the internal strainer basket needs attention with its “CHECK STRAINER” smart alert. ElectroStrainer tells you exactly how much seawater is flowing through your seawater system in real time. ElectroStrainer assures you it’s generating chlorine and protecting your boat’s cooling systems. ElectroStrainer has no scheduled maintenance and forever changes the industry’s approach to seawater management.

ElectroStrainer animated diagram

Replace your existing sea strainer with ElectroStrainer

ElectroStrainer prevents marine growth by generating chlorine directly inside its sea strainer basket. ElectroStrainer is plumbed in place of a traditional sea strainer, and it can be installed during new build or refit. Simply connect the ElectroStrainer canister inlet and outlet ports after the seacock and connect the Control Unit to 12/24 VDC.

We'll help you select an ElectroStrainer for your boat's air conditioners and chillers.

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ElectroStrainer fits center consoles, cruisers, sportfishers, sailboats, and superyachts. Select an ElectroStrainer that replaces your existing A/C sea strainer.