ElectroSea expands product line to reach more boat owners with its new ClearLine Model 990

Minneapolis, MN. —   Barnacles don’t just live on a boat’s hull, they make their way into the raw-water system where they clog pipes and wreak havoc on air conditioners, refrigeration and other equipment that depends on this water for cooling. With the CLEARLINE System, marine growth in the boat’s seawater cooling lines is a thing of the past. That means no more descaling with hazardous, acid-base products and no more downtime due to high-pressure alarms from the boat’s onboard air conditioner.

ElectroSea introduced it’s patent-pending CLEARLINE System model #1000 in early 2019 to continuously prevent barnacles, biofilm, and marine scale from clogging the vessel’s seawater conduits. Now it’s proud to announce its new CLEARLINE System model #990, for vessels that have a single dedicated raw water line that supplies primarily air conditioners or cooling systems.  

CLEARLINE 990 is a more targeted model that can be used for vessels with seawater flow rates up to 50 gallons per minute. “The ClearLine 990 provides a broader range of boat owners with access to new technology that prevents marine growth in their raw waters lines”, said Daniel L. Cosentino, CEO.  

The CLEARLINE System includes two key components, the Control Unit and the ClearCell, which is plumbed into the raw-water lines. When seawater enters the ClearCell, an electrochemical process generates a consistent, low level of chlorine, similar to what you’d find in tap water, but enough to prevent barnacle growth. The Control Unit monitors the vessel’s raw water demand and dynamically delivers the precise amount of chlorine to prevent barnacle growth. Chlorinated water flows through the air conditioner, refrigeration and other systems, and a secondary flow of water runs back through the strainers. 

The CLEARLINE System has been installed on: Hargrave Custom Yachts, Hatteras Yachts, Horizon Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Paul Mann Custom Boats, Princess Yachts, Riva, Spencer Yachts, Weaver Boatworks, Viking Yachts, and others.

To learn more about the ElectroSea, CLEARLINE System, visit electrosea.com or call (952) 475-8084.