ClearLine: Proven System for Reliable Performance 


The CLEARLINE System includes the CLEARLINE CONTROL UNIT, which is the brain, and CLEARCELL™ electrochlorinator, which is the heart of the system. ElectroSea, the Experts in Electrochemical Systems for Marine Growth Prevention, is committed to revolutionizing the boating world. Our patent pending technology prevents unwanted marine growth in raw water conduits. CLEARLINE generates a consistent, safe level of chlorine. The CLEARLINE System is customized to your vessel’s seawater intake demand and is recommended for watercraft from 25 ft to 200 ft. The System operates automatically 24 / 7/ 365 and is built for flawless and reliable performance.

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The CLEARLINE Control Unit works in concert with CLEARCELL to deliver a precise, low level of chlorine. The System provides real-time monitoring, automatic output adjustment based on seawater and cell conditions, and internal safety flow sensing for air detection and pump monitoring.

CLEARLINE is intuitive and easy to use with a full LED display, status indicator lights, and audible alarm. The keypad is splash-proof and easy to read in low light. It is compact, rugged, and designed for high temperature engine room mounting. The System is powered from your vessel’s battery supply and is easy and economical to install during build or retrofit. 


CLEARCELL is a specialized seawater electrochlorinator made from a unique formula of rare earth metal oxides for long life. This System produces the unique anti-fouling agent, chlorine, which is distributed to the raw water piping circuit for protection against all types of marine scale, barnacles and biofouling. 

CLEARCELL is installed directly in the seawater intake circuit and chlorinates at high flow rates. CLEARLINE’s, low level of chlorine production is compatible with copper nickel and other marine alloys. Further, this anti-fouling agent produces no heavy metal pollution (e.g. copper or lead). CLEARCELL is easy to maintain and long-lasting. 

With ClearLine, boat owners leave the dock confident they’ll enjoy their trip without interruption or loss of critical systems due to scaling — especially key comfort systems such as cabin air conditioning.