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Referral Program

Get a ONE-year extended warranty on your ElectroStrainer or ClearLine System when at least ONE referral gets protected.

ClearLine Warrany Refferal

How It Works

  1. Share your unique referral code with your friends to get rewarded OR refer your friends directly through the portal.
  2. When at least one referral purchases ElectroStrainer or ClearLine, you’ll receive a one-year extended warranty on your ElectroStrainer or ClearLine System.

Your friends are also eligible for a one-year extended warranty when they refer their friends.


Refer three friends using the form above. You must provide email and/or cell phone information for each referral. Your referral will receive a unique link so they can receive an ElectroStrainer or ClearLine System proposal based on the needs of their boat. When ONE of your referrals purchases an ElectroStrainer or ClearLine, you receive a confirmation message with a web link to a one-year extended warranty form. Please provide the ElectroStrainer or ClearLine Control Unit serial number along with the other required information.

To receive an extended warranty, just ONE of your referrals needs to purchase an ElectroStrainer or ClearLine within 120 days of your referral.

Yes – You may refer as many people as you’d like. Remember that you must refer at least three people. Go to www.clearlinereferral.com to refer more friends.

Your referral may obtain a one-year extended warranty if they refer their friends, and just one new individual purchases an ElectroStrainer or ClearLine.