ElectroSea CLEARLINE System Featured in In the Bite

Every Sportfishing Captain Needs the ElectroSea System


A Captain’s Testimonial

“Like clockwork, I would clean my a/c strainer every Tuesday for years until we installed the ElectroSea Clearline System,” says Captain Harry Schafer of the 66′ Viking Sea Wolf. “Based in Jupiter, Florida, the water around our dock can get really warm, especially in summer, and the barnacles, sludge and sea critters would thrive in our a/c system. After installing the ElectroSea system, I only check on my a/c strainer about every five weeks now. When I do check it, I hardly clean anything, no barnacles or gunk. I’ve had the system installed for about six months and can honestly say this will change how the industry thinks about descaling saltwater systems. I haven’t had to call for a/c service since we installed it. I’m also a veteran captain, and in my opinion, this is one of three major improvements to boating in recent years. The Sea Keeper, the Spot Free water rinsing systems and now this, the ElectroSea.”

The above is a testimonial from Captain Harry Schafer, Viking 66′ Sea Wolf.  If you would like to ask Captain Schafer any questions regarding the ElectroSea system please e-mail info@inthebite.com and we’ll be happy to pass it along. 

Read the published article at: https://www.inthebite.com/2019/11/every-sportfishing-captain-needs-the-electrosea-system/