Engine Room Upgrades

Excerpt from Marlin Magazine

By Capt. Rich Barrett

Raw-Water Systems: Pumps and Impellers

Capt. Jason Parker recently ­completed a major repower of the 66 Hines Farley Reel Steel, and the entire engine room was gutted to the bulkheads. They removed and replaced just about every piece of equipment, making sure to do some improvements along the way. When Parker showed me the completed job, one thing that caught my eye was the update he made to quickly run a descale solution through the raw-water lines from the raw-water pump to the overboard dump. Being able to descale your system in this manner eliminates the need for additional equipment in what can be an already cramped engine room.

By putting fittings on both ends of the system, Parker can easily handle the descale process with a simple 5-gallon bucket. With a little ingenuity, time, and investment, he keeps marine growth at a minimum and maximizes water flow. And his systems will thank him for it in the long run.

For a more preventative approach, the crew of the 66-foot Spencer Conspiracy recently installed the ElectroSea system. This system produces, then introduces, a low level of chlorine in the system, keeping the lines free and clear of marine growth. Mate Tyler Prinsinski and Capt. Rob Lawson report they have not had any problems with their raw-water systems since the install, and that the ClearLine system has worked flawlessly for them.

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