How marine growth slows you down,
and how CLEARLINE® keeps flow rates up

If your boat’s raw-water system is not protected by CLEARLINE, you may be carrying some unwanted stowaways in the bilge. The same barnacles, algae and bio-slimes that cling to a boat’s hull and running gear, can enter the boat via the raw-water pumps, clogging strainers and shutting down crucial equipment.

Onboard systems such as air-conditioners, chillers, refrigerators and hydraulics use seawater to stay cool and run at optimal performance. If the seawater supply is compromised, it will cause a high-pressure fault, which can derail a trip and lead to costly repairs. Combatting these problems has been an ongoing issue, often leading to descaling with harsh acidic chemicals. With the CLEARLINE system in place, you will never have to descale again. Once installed, either by a boatbuilder on a new build or a retrofit by a certified dealer, the CLEARLINE system will ensure your boat’s raw-water systems flow at optimal levels and the strainers stay clean for longer periods of time.

The rate of growth depends on where you do your boating, but barnacles and algae tend to grow quicker in warmer waters. Although some climates experience more rampant growth during the summer months, clogged raw-water lines can quickly escalate into a year-round battle without CLEARLINE.

Without a system like CLEARLINE, the boat’s raw-water strainers will typically clog up first. The strainers, or baskets, have many small holes that will catch debris and some of the growth that comes in with the raw water. If your strainers are clogging up with algae, barnacles and hair-like marine growth and need to be cleaned on a weekly basis or every few days, odds are these organisms have also taken up residence in the raw-water pipes that feed your onboard systems. Over time, the marine life will continue to grow and slow down flow rates. It’s akin to drinking water through a very skinny straw as opposed to a garden hose.

CLEARLINE not only eliminates all of this growth, it gives the boat owner piece of mind.

To keep air-conditioners, chillers and refrigerators running at peak performance, you need a flow rate of about 180 gallons per hour feeding into the machinery per ton of air conditioning (which equates to 12,000 BTU). CLEARLINE guarantees your raw-water conduits remain free and clear of growth by creating an environment where barnacles, biofilm and algae simply can’t grow.

As raw water comes into the boat, it flows through the CLEARCELL electrochlorinator, which naturally creates a low level of chlorine from the seawater, about the same level as tap water. This CLEARLINE-treated seawater makes it impossible for the growth to thrive. The CLEARLINE CONTROL UNIT dynamically adjusts the level of chlorine based on the water flow and seawater conditions. The system also helps to keep strainers clean longer, so captains and crew can spend their time doing other tasks. There’s no need to worry about scheduling a descale or chasing down some barnacles in a hard-to-reach pipe. The air-conditioners will keep the cabin nice and cool, provisions will stay cold and the bait will remain frozen.

“For years I have battled clogged manifolds, poor water flow, and A/C issues. After installing the CLEARLINE system from ElectroSea those issues are no longer a problem,” said Capt. Dan Devine of the 62-foot Viking Seaflame. “I installed the system last November and my manifolds are clean, free from barnacles, water flow is better than ever, and my A/C units are running more efficiently and have not once gone off on high pressure. I highly recommend the CLEARLINE system from ElectroSea. Not only will it save you time and money, your water systems will perform at an optimal level and last longer.”

Capt. Dan Devine, 62′ Viking Yachts “SEA FLAME”