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All-In-One Biofouling Prevention System

dirty sea strainer basket and seawater pipes not treated with ElectroStrainer
clean sea strainer basket and seawater pipes treated with ElectroStrainer

Finally, a revolutionary system that prevents barnacles and marine growth from forming inside your boat’s A/C seawater system – from the integrated strainer basket through all seawater pipes. With ElectroStrainer, frequent visits to the engine room to scrub your strainer basket are over and seawater supply lines remain free and clear of marine growth, ensuring optimal flow rates to air conditioners, chillers and refrigerators.

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26+ Million Run Hours and Counting ...

ElectroSea’s biofouling prevention products have been operating in oceans all over the world boats of nearly every type and size. We have successfully answered the question “will it work in my boat” … not by telling customers, but by showing them. Our global dealer network and large customer base provides exposure to a wide array of challenging marine environments. Time after time, ElectroSea delivers reliable and proven performance.

Trusted by Leading Boat Manufacturers

“We totally embrace [ElectroSea] as a factory-installed option …”

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Federico Ferrante
President, Azimut-Benetti America

“This is an incredible product. It worked for me, and it will work for you.”

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Chuck Cashman
CRO, MarineMax

“It’s an awesome system; its a game changer …”

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Pat Healey
President and CEO, Viking Yachts

The Ultimate Seawater System Protection

All-in-One System

ElectroStrainer is the first all-in-one total seawater protection system that prevents marine growth from its strainer basket and through all seawater lines.

No Grow - More Flow

ElectroStrainer stops biofouling using advanced electrochlorination technology. This means fewer trips to the engine room to clean your sea strainer.

Smart Flow Monitoring

ElectroStrainer automatically alerts you if the strainer needs attention. Monitor flow rates at all times with a real-time display.

ElectroStrainer and Control Unit

ElectroStrainer is the right choice for every boat

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