ElectroStrainer Pro ES-100-Pro

  • 1″ NPT (DN25)
  • Optimal Flow: 3-12 gpm
  • Min/Max Flow: 3-20 gpm

Product Description

ElectroStrainer ES-100-Pro is a revolutionary, smart all-in-one marine biofouling prevention and sea strainer system. Suited for vessels with 1″ NPT (DN25) inlet/outlet accommodation for the sea strainer, the ES-100-Pro replaces your existing sea strainer and combines four components: an innovative biofouling prevention device, an integrated hydrodynamic sea strainer, an advanced, smart flow-monitoring system, and a remote display.

Product Information

  • ElectroStrainer Pro ES-125-Pro features a compact, all-in-one design

    All-in-One Design

    ElectroStrainer Pro is an all-in-one, smart biofouling-prevention system with integrated sea strainer.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro top view showing integrated Control Head

    Compact Control Head

    The Control Head features a compact design, a water-resistant keypad, and a bright, easy-to-read LED screen and intuitive controls.
  • ClearVis® Flow Sensor

    ClearVis® Flow Sensor

    The ultrasonic ClearVis® Flow Sensor measures the amount of seawater moving through the sensor in real time.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro Control Head cleaning at 7 gpm

    Smart Flow Monitoring

    The flow rate is monitored in real time using the ultrasonic ClearVis® Flow Sensor so you know how much protected seawater is flowing through your system at all times. Gone are the days of peering through a dirty site glass or guessing your flow rate.
  • The Smart Strainer Flow Alert feature allows the user to set a minimum seawater flow rate threshold value. If the seawater flow rate drops below the minimum value for a period of time, STRAINER will flash on the display

    Smart Strainer Flow Alert™

    ElectroStrainer Pro automatically alerts you if its strainer basket needs attention with its Smart Strainer Flow Alert™ feature.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro Control Head with CELL indicator illuminated

    Cell Indicator

    The CELL indicator will illuminate or flash in various conditions to indicate low salinity or when the Cell has reached the end of its useful life.
  • ElectroStrainer Remote Display

    Remote Display

    View real-time flow information on the Remote Display, which can be located in the salon, cockpit, or other interior location.
  • close up of ElectroStrainer Pro Canister made of 2205 stainless-steel alloy

    2205 Alloy Canister

    The Canister is made of super duplex 2205 stainless-steel, one of the most corrosion-resistant materials in the marine industry, and features a cast one-piece strainer body.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro Remote Display Mounting Options

    Remote Display Mounting Options

    The Remote Display can be mounted using the included Black or White Mounting Bracket or it can be flush mounted.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro Optional Multiple Remote Displays

    Optional Additional Remote Displays

    ElectroStrainer Pro can operate with multiple Remote Displays (ordered separately).
  • Monitor flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm) or liters per minute (lpm)

    Flow Rate in gpm or lpm

    Monitor flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm) or liters per minute (lpm).
  • LED lights on ElectroStrainer Pro Control Head

    LED Status Lights

    Bright, color-coded LED lights provide operating status at a glance and are easy to see even from across your engine room.
  • Keypad on ElectroStrainer Pro Control Head

    Water-Resistant Keypad

    The water-resistant keypad provides easy-to-see, intuitive operation.
  • diagram of a seawater cooling system protected by ElectroStrainer Pro showing the chlorinated return line

    Chlorinated Return Line

    A chlorinated return line prevents growth at the inlet side of the strainer basket.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro hydrodynamic sea strainer basket

    Hydrodynamic Strainer Basket

    The integrated sea strainer basket is hydrodynamically optimized to diffuse chlorinated seawater throughout the entire basket. The strainer basket has a large surface area with minimal pressure drop.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro Canister Mounting Options

    Mounting Options

    Multiple mounting configurations available to fit any vessel.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro Control Head 180-Degree Rotation

    180° Control Head Rotation

    The Control Head can be oriented on the Canister so it is facing the front or the back for easy viewing.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro Control Head clear protective cover

    Clear Protective Cover

    A clear protective cover keeps water and dirt off the Control Head, while allowing easy viewing of the LED screen and indicator lights.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro drain plug

    Drain Plug

    A removable drain plug allows for draining (i.e., for winter storage) of the ElectroStrainer Pro Canister.
  • water-resistant connectors

    Water Resistant Connectors

    Every aspect of ElectroStrainer Pro, including the connectors, are designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. Triple-sealed connectors prevent water intrusion.
  • ElectroStrainer Pro USB port

    Easy Updates

    Make quick and easy firmware updates using the built-in USB port.
  • 2-year warranty icon

    2-Year Warranty

    ElectroStrainer Pro is backed by ElectroSea’s 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Canister and Control Head Assembly

Dimensions (L x W x H)

9.02 x 7.72 x 7.37 inches
229.11 x 196.09 x 187.2 mm


14 lb 3 oz
6.44 kg

Power Source

12 or 24 VDC

Power Consumption

Max Power: 65 watts
Typical Power: 35 watts

Cables Included

Power: 30 ft (9 m)
Remote Display Communication: 30 ft (9 m)

Optional Cables (ordered separately)

Extended Remote Display Communication: 100 ft (30 m)
ClearVis Flow Sensor Extension: 6 ft (1.8 m)


1 inch NPT (DN32)

Flow Rate

Optimal Flow: 3-12 gpm (11-45 lpm)
Min/Max Flow: 3-20 gpm (11-76 lpm)

Maximum Operating Pressure

50 psi

Replacement Cell Part Number


Remote Display

Dimensions Including Mounting Bracket (L x W x H)

5.5 X 3.96 X 1.51 inches
139.70 x 100.58 x 38.35 mm

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ElectroStrainer Pro ES-100-Pro

  • 1″ NPT (DN25)
  • Optimal Flow: 3-12 gpm
  • Min/Max Flow: 3-20 gpm
ElectroStrainer Pro Flow Diagram
seawater cooling system diagram