Professional Installation

ElectroSea professional installation

Leave it to a professional

Leave it to the pros! Professional dealer installation of your ElectroSea products is quick and easy and ensures you get the job done right the first time. We have a global network of Authorized ElectroSea Dealers that have been trained on the installation of ElectroSea products. They have performed installations on all types, sizes, and brands of boats.

Professionally done from start to finish

ElectroSea’s Authorized Dealers will provide you with a firm quote that includes all materials and labor to complete the installation of ElectroSea products on your vessel. They will perform a thorough review your seawater systems and select the correct product that is the best fit for your boat. They have direct access to ElectroSea’s factory engineers and database of prior installations. They stand behind their work and are there to support you during the warranty period and beyond.

ElectroSea professional installation

Find a professional ElectroSea dealer near me

ElectroSea’s products include the primary components needed to get you up and running. For your specific application, you may need basic seawater-grade plumbing parts and a low-voltage circuit breaker, along with the tools noted above. Refer to the installation manual of the specific ElectroSea product that you intend to purchase for a list of included items.

ElectroStrainer or ClearLine Installation

Most ElectroStrainer or ClearLine installations can be completed in 1-2 days.

Yes! ElectroStrainer or ClearLine can be installed while your boat is in the water.

ElectroStrainer is about the same size as a traditional sea strainer.

ElectroStrainer or ClearLine Warranty and Maintenance

ElectroStrainer and ClearLine are warrantied for a period of two years from the date of end-user purchase.

There is no scheduled maintenance. The control unit will tell you if you have “Low Flow / Check Strainer” notification. If so, simply remove the strainer basket and screen and rinse with fresh water.

The electrochemical cell will last two to five years depending on use hours, flow rate, and other factors.

The use of ElectroSea’s products will NOT void your air conditioner, chiller, or pump warranty. ElectroSea is safe to use with any marine air conditioner, chiller, or seawater pump. ElectroSea actually helps your equipment work more efficiently as it keeps your condenser coils free and clear of marine growth. ElectroSea has over 26 million successful run hours on 65+ boat brands.

Extended Warranty Opportunities

Refer three friends using the referral form. You must provide an email and/or cell phone information for each referral. Your referral will receive a unique link so they can receive a ClearLine® System proposal based on the size and flow rate of their boat. When just ONE of your referrals purchases ClearLine, you will receive a confirmation message with a web link to a one-year extended warranty form. Please provide the ClearLine® control unit serial number along with the other required information.

To receive an extended warranty, just ONE of your referrals needs to purchase ClearLine® within 120 days of your referral.

Yes, you may refer as many people as you’d like. Remember that you must refer at least three people. Go to to refer more friends.

Your referral may obtain a one-year extended warranty if they refer their friends and just one new individual purchases ClearLine®.