Prevent marine growth in your air conditioning seawater lines

dirty seawater pipes not treated with ClearLine
clean seawater pipes treated with ClearLine

Biofouling prevention for air conditioners, chillers and pipework

Electrosea’s ingenious solution to the never-ending barnacle problem is not to remove them – but to prevent them growing in your seawater lines in the first place. ClearLine is an electrochlorination system that generates a low level of chlorine using the salt content in seawater. ClearLine protects your air conditioners, chillers, and pipework from biofouling. ClearLine is ElectroSea’s original marine growth prevention system and has been installed on more than 65 different boat manufacturers with more than 12 million run hours. If you want to protect your seawater-cooled equipment and keep your existing sea strainer, then choose ClearLine and Never Descale Again!

Real-time flow monitoring and low-flow alert

ClearLine monitors your seawater flow in real time and generates a precise, low level of chlorine. The large backlit display and bright LED lights show the system is “Cleaning” and preventing unwanted marine growth. ClearLine is smart and will alert the user if there is a “Low Flow” condition so you can check your seawater system, pump, and separate sea strainer for any problems. ClearLine tells you exactly how much seawater is flowing through your seawater system in real time at all times.

flow alert on ClearLine display

Use ClearLine with your existing sea strainer

Use ClearLine when you want to retain your existing sea strainer. ClearLine is plumbed in on the pressure side of your seawater pump and located after your existing sea strainer. A secondary “return chlorination line” t-fitting can be added to direct a portion of the chlorinated seawater to your existing sea strainer basket. ClearLine can be installed during new build or refit. Simply connect the ClearLine canister inlet and outlet ports after the seawater pump and connect the Control Unit to 12/24 VDC.

We'll help you select a ClearLine System sized for your boat's air conditioners and chillers.

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ElectroStrainer or ClearLine?

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